This module supports students in the preparation and submission of a Masters Stage Dissertation or Design Research Project worth a total of 60 credits, The dissertation is presented in a form equivalent to an approximate maximum 25,000 words or a design research project. The design research project will range from approximately 10,000-15,000 words and support a major research design project. The dissertation and research project are divided into two phases: the Dissertation Research (Introduction, Background and Literature Review) and the Dissertation Research Theory, Method and Analysis.

This module examines the need for planned landscape development in order to develop areas coherently, as well as protect sensitive areas from inappropriate development. This will include study of the objectives of planned development, influencing factors, policies and the authorities involved. The mechanisms of the planning system will be discussed.

The aim of this module is to introduce current theory in landscape architecture and urbanism implicating urban conditions, local and regional scales, social and ecological systems and place and identity relationships. Students will explore complex issues by selecting a special topic relating to the design of urban places and extend their knowledge through comprehension, interpretation and evaluation of design theories, meanings and applications by conducting independent research and studies.

This is the second module focusing on historic gardens and landscapes. It examines the formulation of restoration and management plans for historic gardens. The process will be examined from the prerestoration stage through to completion and subsequent management stages. This will include research and data gathering followed by analysis and decision making. The influences on management strategies will be examined using case study gardens.