Lordship Stud

The Lordships Stud

Stud Staff
Stud Manager - Caroline Brace
Assistant Stud Manager - Emma Davies
Lordship Stud

Located in Writtle, the well-established Lordships Stud provides excellent facilities for student training and the production of quality competition horses. Current students are involved in all aspects of stud management and young horse production, from conception through to sale. Specialist facilities at the stud include modern veterinary examination and AI collection areas, laboratory, menage, indoor school, foaling boxes with web linked CCTV (FOALCAM) and 20 hectares of permanent pasture.

Foal  Cams

Mother and Foal
There are two ways that you can view the cameras:
  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Mobile Application

Internet Explorer

This application only works in Internet Explorer - not Chrome, Edge, Safari or Firefox. Open up the following web address - http://foaling.writtle.ac.uk

This will present a web page requiring your username and password (both are case sensitive).

  • Username - Operator (this is case sensitive)
  • Password - DawsStud (this is case sensitive)

If required, click the link in the middle of the image window to download and install the required plug-in. You may need to click "Run" a number of times to authorise the installation, and click "Allow" to allow it to run during the install process.

You should then be presented with a quadrant view. In order to enable the camera view, click the "Start All Live View" button at the bottom of the screen:
Start All Live View

There is a "Help" option in the top right corner.

Mobile Application

Visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store and install the ivms-4500 (Android) or ivms-4200 (Apple) application that will allow you to view the cameras.

Click the three-line icon in the top left and select the Devices option.

Click the + sign in the top right

Select Manual Adding

Enter the following:

  • Alias - Writtle Foal Cameras
  • Register Mode - IP/Domain
  • Address - foaling.writtle.ac.uk
  • Port - 8000
  • Username - Operator (this is case sensitive)
  • Password - DawsStud (this is case sensitive)
Click the Save icon top left

Press Start Live View at the bottom

The system has numerous cameras and you may need to move between cameras to see your camera.

Enjoying the snow

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