This category holds modules that are delivered to the majority of post-graduates across the respective schools.

2020-21 H0070316SEA^20

This module begins with personal development planning (PDP) in which students will identify an appropriate research approach in the context of their individual aspirations and, where applicable, their professional role. The module introduces students to research and research methods from the perspectives of the researcher, research manager or managerial user. The module will discuss the research process of: identifying issues and problems; specifying research; collecting and processing primary and secondary data and information; analysing findings and producing conclusions, recommendations and suggestions for further investigation. Emphasis will be placed on methods that are objective, systematic, reliable, valid, ethical, effective and efficient. Guidance will also be given on the preparation of research papers and reports. This module will prepare students for dealing with research in all modules and in particular the Dissertation module.

2020-21 H0070315^20

This module supports students in the preparation and submission of a Masters Stage Dissertation or Project worth 60 credits involving 20 weeks of student commitment, presented in a form appropriate to the field of study and reflecting the length and complexity of the investigation. A conventional, largely textual dissertation will contain a maximum of 15,000 words.