Through studio-based project work students will further their subject understanding and technical knowledge to a greater depth than previously experienced. Students will be asked to not only consider their role as the artist/designer from the end point of view, but also from the beginning, asking the question of why we need to creating in the first place.

This module and its successor will act as a bridge from the very structured atmosphere of the Level 4 Studio Practice modules to the increasing independence and self-sufficiency of Level 6.
Over the course of the module students will move from a diagnostic re-examination of their very first task from Studio Practice 1A to a piece of work of which the scope, content and execution are led entirely by them, with staff advice and support.
The links between theory and practice will continue to be underlined by research and presentations on artists with similar concerns to their own and by continuing the practice of addressing a key text together in a weekly reading/seminar group.