This is an opportunity for students to practice the cycle of reflection and making work that will be central to the run up to their final exhibition. The fact that it is not that very final cycle allows them to consolidate all they have learned so far and to take artistic risks they might wish to eschew in the pressured environment of the final show. Although as always there is an emphasis on increasing student self-direction the module is still to an extent scaffolded by staff. For all students this module will set the tone and start to pin down the content of their final show drawing on and informed by theoretical investigations; for most students the work they make here will be of a standard that makes it potentially capable of inclusion in that show; for a small minority it will be a sharp lesson in the focus and commitment necessary in their final months of the course and an opportunity to reset their compasses.

The theoretical dimension of this work will be provided by the substantial piece of written work students will be working on and completing in Art and Design Contexts 3.