This module represents the culmination of all the creative activity carried out on the course.

It attempts to replicate real world conditions and put to the test the artistic independence, judgement and ability to assess the resources and effort required to carry out tasks at a professional level – the “artistic conscience”- which the student has been developing over the three years of the course.

During this module the student will conceive, plan, organise and execute a single substantial piece (or group of linked pieces) of creative work suitable for their final public exhibition.

The standard on which process and outcome are judged will be that of the professional world of art and design.

Each student will also provide comprehensive documentation in any appropriate form (including but not limited to: sketchbook, illustrated essay, video documentation, website, blog ) of all research, both theoretical and practical, of all practical experimentation including failures or abandoned approaches, and of the student’s continuing reflection upon this process.

The student will still consult with teaching staff who will offer advice and guidance but by this point largely as fellow artists.