Professional Skills for Sports and Exercise Performance will develop a range of professional and academic skills necessary for successful HE study and employment in organisations within the sector. Professional Skills for Sports and Exercise Performance will aim to equip students with the key communication and numeracy skills they require as scientists and will also facilitate their personal and professional development as sports practitioners. Many students study
sport with a view to becoming fitness advisors, coaches or teachers. The module will examine these professions by considering the academic and vocational qualifications needed for entry, the structure of the organisations delivering in these areas, personal and professional standards, and the internal and external factors affecting the professions.
For students on the FdSc Cycling Performance programme this module will be contextualized in order to make it relevant to the cycling industry. Students will have access to professional working within the industry including sponsors, riders, coaches, soigneurs, a directeur sportif and physiotherapist.
For students on the BSc Sports performance programme this module will cover a wide range of sports and of professional roles within the sports industry.Professional Skills in Sports and Exercise