This module will allow the student to develop practical skills in the care, management and use of horses, which will underpin future employment in a range of roles within the equine industry. Within the module are opportunities for the student to advance their knowledge in subjects particular to their programme of study from breeding or behaviour to therapy or coaching. The vocational skills that students achieve are aligned with professional qualifications such as those offered by the British Horse Society, Association of British Riding Schools and the Pony Club. For the riding element of the module the first half of the semester will cover the requirements of the BHS Stage One syllabus. The second half of the semester will focus on developing and consolidating these elements and begin to move onto the BHS Stage Two syllabus.
In addition, students will develop and improve their transferable skills by undertaking academic exercises related to the equine sector and which integrate practical and scientific theory. Throughout the module students are encouraged to reflect on their abilities and are given support to plan how to acquire competency in the skills they will need throughout their course and in order to be successful within their chosen sector