This module will enable the student to enhance the practical skills required for working with horses in the equine industry, alongside essential analytical, learning and communication skills. These will be developed in a suitable vocational context with emphasis on the key-features of the para-professional sector. The vocational competencies are aligned with professional qualifications, such as those offered by the British Horse Society, Association of British Riding Schools and the Pony Club. For the riding element of the module the first half of the semester will cover the requirements of the BHS Stage Two syllabus for riding on the flat. The second half of the semester will focus on developing and consolidating these elements and begin to move onto the BHS Stage Two syllabus for jumping.
There will be opportunities to tailor elements of the module to particular programmes of study or specific interests while simultaneously developing a host of essential transferable skills. Integrating scientific theory and practice is an essential aspect of study at degree level and a vital skill to posess regardless of the area of the sector the student plans to work in.