This module introduces students to the academic and personal skills they will need to make the most of their time in HE study. It also begins orientation to the world of work in their respective target sectors . The module is designed to be interdisciplinary, create a community of learning so allowing students to appreciate the wider context of their disciplines to collaborate across a wider range of students than their other modules allow.
The module is designed to induct students into the expectations of HE study, e.g., academic literacy and numeracy, ICT skills, constructive team-working, and self-reflection on their progress across all their modules.
These aspects of study are contextualised helping students appreciate in a timely manner, their own professional development and planning.  It requires active engagement, academic maturity and a positive attitude to gain maximum benefit and aims to encourage these attributes alongside independence and ownership of their studies and career aims.  Extensive industry and graduate employer consultation has helped formulate content.