This module is designed to develop analytical, technological, communication and learning skills. These will be developed in an appropriate vocational context by focusing on the key features of the industry sector(s) associated with the students’ course of study. This will include consideration of the types and characteristics of the organisations within the sector and the internal and external factors which influence their activities.
Delivery of the module aims to meet the needs of a diverse student profile and will therefore adopt a flexible approach centred around the personal development planning (PDP) process and the particular academic discipline.

The Sector Skills module is intended to provide the academic and personal skills essential for successful HE study and employment. It provides a foundation for the development of graduate level academic and professional skills later in the course.

Animal Management and Animal Science Contextualisation:
The generic academic and personal skills developed by this module will be introduced, practiced and assessed in the context of Animal Management and Animal Science. The sector specific skills and attributes developed will be informed by LANTRA - the Sector Skills body for environmental and-based industries, including Animal Care, Animal Technology and Livestock.