This module acts as a platform for experimentation using design processes in order to produce creative solutions to challenges defined by emerging issues in architecture and interiors. Building on the practical, intellectual and conceptual skills that are developed in Studio 3 and 4, students will work in groups and individually in order to develop a given project brief working in a collaborative manner. Live collaborations with professionals from the design sector or other disciplines is strongly encouraged.
Students will work closely with academics and industry professionals in order to analyse an idea, then define the challenge, develop a proposal, seek the appropriate tools in order to solve it and finally deliver and evaluate the outcome. Competition briefs might be used as a way to set the design brief. Students will design and fabricate a part of their design proposal and will demonstrate an understanding of the use of appropriate materials and construction
techniques used for this task.
The module aims to address the diversity of the Interior Design sector by engaging with a variety of projects according to the interests and skills of student cohorts and current practice in the creative industries.