The module is designed to be contextualised by the course team, student and/or employer/client and the student is required to manage his/her learning in the context of the work function. Students will develop a wider range of higher level technical skills, but also the cognitive abilities and personal attributes that are conducive to successful performance at work. Critical reflection is required, focusing on personal and professional qualities and the role within the workplace. The module enables students to gain a critical understanding of career development and personal development planning, focusing on understanding the links between personal action, work and society.
This module complements and develops the Level 4 Learning Through Work module. It may be studied as a discrete entity or the activities integrated with those undertaken in the Level 4 module, depending on the work-related context. It is normally expected that the learning will relate to a period spent in an external work environment and, where possible, in a work placement constituting a minimum of 370 hours although achievement of learning outcomes is more important than actual time served. The maximum hours worked should not exceed UKBA work placement limits, where applicable, or be such that they impact negatively on learning for the course as a whole. The module leader will advise each student on maximum hours.