Creative Practice 1A is an introduction to the methods of studio practice that underpins contemporary culture and the module will introduce the planning, thinking and working necessary for a creative practice through the examples given by focusing on a key theme in contemporary aesthetics.

The work will be centred on two core themes in contemporary art and design: ‘identity and portraiture’, and ‘remix and appropriation’. The emphasis will be on the enabling possibilities of these themes in order to gently introduce the student to a way of working which is led by the student’s own interests and concerns and by their developing creative practice. The guided tasks aim to: inculcate good working practice, encourage skill development, build confidence and act as a starting point for student-led work.

The role of the tutor in this process is to advise and support the student and to guide them towards formulating objectives that are both ambitious and achievable and then asking the difficult question of whether they have fulfilled these.