This module will continue to develop the thinking processes necessary for work in a creative studio context through practical projects backed up by guided research into, and examination of, the practice of other artists and designer, both contemporary and historical.

The assignments will be centred on challenging students to use two media that they may not have utilised previously: sound, and the landscape itself as a material. Writtle University College is uniquely placed to assist in the second assignment, having grounds, facilities and staff that can support a multidisciplinary approach to Land Art.

The emphasis will be on the enabling possibilities of these media in order to develop and broaden a practice led by the student's own interests and concerns. The aim of these guided tasks is to: support and develop good working practice and student self-audited skill development to deepen confidence and to prepare students for a more independent approach in the Creative Practice modules at level 5.

Students will gain a practical understanding of contemporary themes in art practice that uses sound or the environment, land and public space in the widest sense as medium and subject and explore how, or if, they relate to their own practice. As with Creative Practice 1A, students will continue to develop a critical understanding of the relationship between research and practice in relation to their own work, supported by the assignments in Art & Design History 1B.