This module addresses two fields of study that increasingly define the contemporary practice of interior architecture and design: the adaptive reuse or re-modelling of buildings and Narrative space. The module presents continuity with the Design Studio 1 in Level 4, through the progression to a more specific engagement with the building within an interior architecture and design context.

In Narrative Space we will explore expressive areas of spatial design such as exhibitions, museums/galleries, film and television, events or collaboration with other creative disciplines. At one scale this may involve working on the building’s interior, considering elements of the immediate environment when inhabiting a space such as planning, surfaces, materials, lighting and furnishings. At another scale this will involve proposing structural interventions to the interior and exterior of the building, considering building construction and interior detailing, as well as wider social and environmental issues.

In Adaptive re-use, analysis of the context goes beyond the immediate exterior/interior physical attributes of the building and its surrounding environment requiring an empathic reading and sensitive response that brings out its innate character in the adaptive reuse proposal. Students are encouraged to develop a sense of the responsibilities placed on architects and designers though the consideration of the issues surrounding: community, user groups, demographics, and sustainability. The focus is on narrative spaces that may be within an adaptive reuse programme or in the public realm where similar agendas are applicable